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Developing Motor Skills in the Early Years

developing-motor-skills-in-the-early-yearsMotor skills are essential in our everyday lives. It enables us to perform simple to complex tasks and activities of daily living. For children, the skill helps them explore the world to develop holistically. In their early years in school, they receive various activities catered to developing their motor skills as part of the early childhood development program. But mastering this skill is not only limited to a classroom. They can practice and develop this skill at home, in the neighborhood, playground, or in an indoor playground in Orlando, Florida.

Motor skills can be categorized into gross and fine motor skills. Both are significant for the child’s growth and independence.

  • Gross Motor Skills
    It involves using large muscles such as legs, arms, and trunks. Walking, jumping, and climbing stairs are some of the movements made possible by gross motor skills. Playing with others helps in the development of this skill.
  • Fine Motor Skills
    It includes coordinating smaller muscles like hands and fingers with the eyes. Through this skill, children can manipulate objects, write, draw, dress, eat, hygiene, etc. An indoor playground and party place offers various activities that your child can participate in and objects they can tinker with that helps develop their fine motor skills.

Kidz Play and Party Club is a space where your children can enhance their motor skills. We are an event venue in Florida that aspire to help every child who visits us grow holistically. Through our themed spaces and manipulatives, they can learn about themselves and the world. Contact us.

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