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The Benefits of the Zumbini Experience


A person’s development is rapid during early childhood. Crafting activities that help them develop holistically is essential to get a solid foundation. A early childhood development program aims to attain this, like outdoor and indoor play, school-based activities and tasks, exploration, and more. But if you want your child to have a different kind of fun while they learn, try zumbini!

Zumbini is a program that focuses on movement and music. And no, it is not just dancing; It involves music, dance, and educational tools which stimulate learning by contributing to a child’s cognitive, psychomotor, emotional, and socials skills while having fun. The mission of this program is to introduce movement and music to children at a young age so that it becomes part of their lifestyle. Do this in a spacious area like an indoor playground and party place to experience these benefits.

  • Enhanced cognitive skills by stimulating both sides of the brain
  • Emotional development through dancing, moving, singing, and feeling
  • Developed social skills by interacting with other kids in an event venue in Florida
  • Strengthened bond by spending quality time celebrating your child and your inner-child
  • Balance & rhythm is developed by enhancing motor skills and learning to bounce to the beat

If you are ready to wiggle your toes, move your bodies, sing along, or perform wacky dance moves, Kidz Play and Party Club are beyond ready to welcome you! We specialize in Zumbini, so you can guarantee that you will get the best experience with us. Call us now and hit our indoor playground in Orlando, Florida!

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